Welcome To My New Website

20 Aug

I had a great computer. It was too good. It was so good that it lasted 16 years before it crashed and it has even now been revived. But all that goodness caused me some unknown grief later. Because it was so good, nothing really needed updating very much. Concurrently the Front Page publisher that I used became obsolete and all of a sudden I was 16 years behind. Tablets and phones had come into use and everything seemed almost impossible for me to understand. A new way of producing websites (web builders is the term I think) has come into play and I like it. I like it because this is a way to stay up to date without really having to learn the new processes every friggin' time something changes. 

Let's relate this to cars. Long, long ago when horseless carriages began to dominate personal transportation, one almost needed a mechanic to ride alongside to keep it going. Modern computers are becoming this way. I often need a computer expert to fix my issues in order to continue. I think that Silicone Valley has become isolated from their customers to the point that computers are not as friendly as they were even a few years ago. 

Computers became popular when anyone could “drive” one easily. Most people want to turn the key and go somewhere. They don't want to spend a day on the technical work using up valuable time when they could be updating the website.

I am currently developing this new site to take advantage of advances in websites. If you stumble onto this website and this blog, give me a shout. I am writing this page before I have finished building this website. 

Oh, about turning seventy? What do you do when you are healthy and still enjoy the scale model car hobby? I think, ya just keep on keeping on until your engine conks out on you.

Happy Miniature Motoring! 

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