Variations 1/ 1954 Pontiac Promos, 3-D Color Chips

29 Oct

Clarence Young Autohobby recently received some super nice Pontiacs from 1952 to 1965. These cars have spent 99% of their lives packed away in very good storage. I like to get two or more of same year promos. Why? One can sometimes find variations when comparing two or more. Variations have been found in the two cars received.  

Each car has one plated part and one unplated part. The promos, being overly technical here, should have either all ^^^ plated or all unplated grill/bumper units. The maker, AMT, was not always on the ball with this. I like originality and will sell the cars this way. However, I can "equalize" these two promos by putting all the plated parts on the Raven/Cirro car and the unplated parts on the Maize version. There will be a $20 charge for doing this on the Raven/Cirro car. Since the Maize car will have the unplated parts, the price will remain the same. 

A second variation is likely another thing AMT failed to do on the Maize car. It has no Pontiac color sticker ^^^ attached to the front bumper. The Raven/Cirro car does have this sticker. The color identifiers were used by Pontiac from 1951 through 1956 and were used only on dealer promos and not the toy store cars which were often generic in color. 

The Maize promo model was offered as a solid color, which might be the rarest, or with a Raven Black top or a Winter White top. 

The Raven/Cirro model might have been offered as a solid color or with upper colors of Mayfair Blue, Raven Black, or Cruiser Gray Metallic.   

One of the main purposes of promos was to show off the colors that the auto maker offered that model year. You might call them Living Color Chips or 3-D color chips. I call a collection collected according to color as a Color Car Collection. 

Retail trade promos were these same promos but sold at retail outlets such as toy and hobby stores and major chains like Sears. There is a difference in a dealer promo and a retail trade promo. Most of the time the toy store promos were not authentic colors so this adds even more colors to collect. 

Collecting color variations or other variations means that you can accumulate several 1954 Pontiacs without any two being identical to another in your collection.   This is a way to collect that is challenging and fun each and every time you make a find. 

The above is a bit disorganized but this should bring it together. 

1954 Pontiac variations. Let's count the ways.

1...Auto dealer promos came three ways.............coaster....friction......remote control

2...Retail trade "promos" came two ways.....friction......remote control

3...There are authentic colors and generic colors.  (If you collected by color alone, there would be many 54 Pontiacs to collect.)

4...There were also 54 Pontiacs in a 3-car assemble-it-yourself AMT kit sold at toy stores with only one Pontiac in that set.

5...Some of these had plated grills/bumpers and some did not and some were mixed up with both. 

6...Some of these cars might be found with a heat stamped name of the auto dealership from which it originally came. 

7...There is always a possibility of a second tier promo on such a car as this. For example one might be found with Simonize Wax heat stamped on the roof or a city centennial celebration, parade etc. 

Note: There was only one body style, the two-door hardtop.

If you happen to love 54 Pontiacs, you might zero in on that model and see how many different ones you can acquire. 

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