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10 Mar

I rarely look at eBay. I did by chance today. Shock. There is my box prominently displayed with a rather poor looking 63 Pontiac. I don't ever recall that car. Now it could be that I sold it to someone to repair, but it did not leave my place with that cruddy repair job, stripped of good chrome parts, and with kit wheels. I have learned something that you should know. Just because a promo is shown with my box does not mean I have any association with it. 

Incidentally, I designed that box around 1990 and ordered 10,000 with a contract to take a modest under or over count. They sent me 13,000! I think that was more than a modest over count but figured that was a lifetime supply and went ahead and paid them for all 13K. I sold about 500 of those boxes as useful storage boxes. The rest have made nice little promo nests for nice little promos. I have a stash of about 300 or so left.  These final ones will not be sold as I can easily use that many in the near future.  ~Clarence Young 

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