02 Jul

Recently I realized that I had a 58 Ford with Edsel  wheel covers and a 58 Edsel with Ford wheel covers. I thought...hmmm...I wonder if the chassis will interchange. The chassis appeared to be identical. The chassis were unscrewed and were evaluated. The Ford chassis fit the Edsel better than the Ford! That was easy. Now the hard part. No way was the Edsel chassis going to fit the 58 Ford. The chassis were identical except for one thing. The screw holes (drilled into common chassis) were apparently not aligned identically. At the manufacturing assembly line it might be that chassis with wheels/tires already in place went onto whatever car they happened to fit regardless of correctness. Assembly lines must keep moving. 

My 58 Ford now has a problem. One of the wheels of the 58 Ford broke while removing it from one chassis to use on another better fitting spare chassis. I have some spare wheels for a 58 Ford somewhere but cannot locate them. Grrr.  The 58 Ford now has three correct wheels and one 58 Edsel spare until I can find those 58 Ford wheels. Grrr. 

I took a  (before) photo of the two cars before the change with intentions of taking another photo when the corrections (after) were made.  That photo might never happen. 

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