22 Jul

A friend brought a 1957 Pontiac Starchief 4-door hardtop to my attention. It was in its original tray as delivered to the dealer. It was molded in Chateau Gray Metallic with Marina Blue (actually turquoise) top and center spear area. The molded color was the gray without metallic.

My response to the friend was as follows.

That Pontiac is marvelous. My original was the gray with black top and side spear of which I have seen a few.

I have never seen it with the turquoise and the gray. The gray may have been available with light gray and maybe pink two-tones. I currently have an AMT convertible (dealer color) gray and black convertible friction with metal chassis on my website. 

I have seen the convertibles with turquoise bodies and gray side spears.  Molded Pontiac promo bodies in metallic colors did not have metallic within.

Additionally, the bodies were molded in one color and the two-tone colors were painted on top of that. The art of molding plastic with metallic at the time resulted in swirled metallic. Thus it wasn't done.

1956 Pontiacs have a myriad rainbow of colors. I am now realizing that 1957 Pontiacs do too. 

Quite a few people collect one brand and year of promos in all the different colors of that specific year. Color reversals can double the number to collect. 

I am hoping that this is not confusing to everyone as it is written hurriedly. Call or write me if you want clarification on any confusing points. There are lots of technicalities within the conversations about colors.   ~Clarence

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