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10 Apr

When new cars come out, press kits precede them. Car companies want to get the word out to all forms of media regarding their upcoming "new car."  Press kits often include printed matter, visuals, audios. These artifacts reflect the ever changing world of media presentation. In older press kits you might find a hard plastic record or a reel to reel tape presentation. You might find 8-tracks in era correct presentations. Slides lasted a long time in press kits. Glossy photos are often included.

Press kits are additional items to collect for the automotive literature collector. Maybe you will find one for your favorite car.

Clarence Young Autohobby has come into a massive collection that has quite a few press kits in it. Be aware that part of the price of these items will be shipping costs. A press kit weighs a good deal more than a single piece of literature.

These press kits will start showing up soon in the "New" products listings.

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