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06 May

Before I was old enough to get my driver's license, I owned three cars. The first was a 1951 Studebaker sedan, nice clean sedan. The second was a 1953 Hudson Jet sedan, like new, which replaced the Studie. Then I bought my first "second" car. It was a 1954 Corvette in black with a hardtop. It was a repainted car. Perhaps as few as only four black ones were made in 1954, however, it might have been originally white and thus more common. The hardtop would be a definite rarity regardless of color. BTW, the top was ugly fugly. It also had a cloth top. I bought it for $400 and sold it before getting my license. I was 14-15 and made $400. Wow. I should have kept it of course!

My dad was a car I have a unique memory of the first Corvette I ever remember seeing. My dad took me to a Chevy dealership (I think in New Hope, PA) in 1955. It was a small dealership with a showroom big enough for one car only. There it sat protected with theater ropes from dads and little kids from wearing out the seats. Wow.

That same summer we went to a festival at New Hope and there was some kind of charitable raffle there. The prize was a 1955 white over red Chevrolet Nomad. I was given a dollar to spend at the festival. I wanted to buy a raffle ticket. My mom explained to me that I would not likely win it and should spend the dollar otherwise. I insisted. "I want to win the Nomad and if I don't the money goes to charity." She relented. I did not win the Nomad. I wonder the legalities of an 8-year old winning a new car. I would have agreed for my parents to have won it!

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