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02 Mar

I recently saw a 1956 Continental retail friction car with no interior sell for much more than I ever dreamed such a friction promo could. It did appear to be a car that could be cleaned up to look very good.The hood ornament was broken.  My thought was that a junker with a good interior would make it into a great looking car. Beyond all this I noted something that intrigued me about this car. It had 1957 AMT-style tires and 1957 Buick wheel covers in white. When I first saw it, I thought that I had finally found a 1957 production model Continental, but alas, it had only three attachment points. This summer I noted a 1956 Buick friction with 1957 AMT-style tires but with correct 56 wheel covers. AMT has a strong history of phasing in a next-year feature into a model car being phased out. 

Henry Ford was most notable for phasing in new features before the next-year model came out.  Or, sometimes old features were retained on a new model. 

When the 1947 Fords came out, they featured the rear trunk-lid chrome of the 1946 models as well as separately mounted inboard parking lights up front. Henry passed away on April 7, 1947. His tradition lived on. 

Before the 1950 Fords came out, the very late 1949 Fords had push-button door handles instead of the 49 pull-handles. The pull-handle doors had a bad reputation for flying open much too easily. Henry's tradition lived on.

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