Karma or Carma...Click READ MORE....License plates and such!

06 May

I am in the process of buying an interesting used car. More about that later. This car happens to have a regular issue license plate on it that begins with my initials--CEY.  Is that Karma or Carma???

Speaking of license plates: I have always wondered who might have a simple CY personalized license plate.

One night several years ago, I was in Asheville NC and came up behind an SUV with CY license plate.  We were in a four-lane traffic city traffic light to traffic light situation. I immediately dove to the right, rolled my window and started making noise as I pulled alongside the passenger side. A middle aged lady lowered her window as we stopped for a red light. I told her my interest. The owner was driving the car—Charles Young. Cool. They were from Raleigh. What are the odds of that? (I live in the Asheville area.)

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