09 Oct

Hello Mr. John Doe

I do send packages to various countries around the globe.

If your nation is a reliable nation in regard to mail deliveries, then we can proceed.

A few things must be clear from the outset:

I cannot guarantee anything that happens after I have handed over the item/s for shipment to the US Post Office. I will send you photos of all documentation.

I will not guarantee the item/s for any form of refunds. The cost of returns would be prohibitive for either me or for you. I have been doing this for a long time and my customers here and abroad are normally very pleased with my quality of attention given to the sale.  

If you want insurance, if available, then that will cost quite a bit of money. Shipping by any USPS service other than the lowest priced service will be very expensive. The low priced service will perhaps be slow to get to you.

If these preliminaries are acceptable to you, then we can proceed with further discussion of what items are of interest to you.

Thank your for interest. I hope that we can proceed.

Clarence Young

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