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26 Feb

What is the rarest promo on this website?

Well, that is a question that no one has asked me in a long time.

I did ask it of myself recently when I acquired a rare promo. 

How can I tell what is and is not a rare promo? Well, I really can't ever answer that definitively. My purview of the promo scene has had two eras. The first was from 1952 to 1962 The second began in 1974 and runs up to this very day. So, we have 56 years of obsessing about promos. By the way, in the first ten years I never once heard the term "promo."'

Observation and conversations with other promo people provide hints as to rarity. The latest find simply is a promo I have heard about for some time. I have seen photos of a few that were not of collector quality. I have never touched one that I can remember until I got this one and this one has the advantage of being upper level quality.

So what is the rarest promo on this website? Before the most recent find it likely was the 1941-42 White Horse van.

The latest and rarest promo will be put up on the website within 24 hours beginning at 6pm 02/26/2020.

Incidentally, this newcomer is not the most expensive promo here. Many factors go into how collectors value their promo desires. 

It is a sleeper and it might slide right by you. 

Let me know if you figure it out. ~CY

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