12 Aug

You may be bored seeing a bunch of similar Cadillacs and Ford Pickups as new additions.

I purchased twenty Cadillacs recently from a fellow who had these since new when he was employed by his local Cadillac dealer. My preference is for a wide assortment of cars but when the cars are pretty much premium all the way with boxes, I buy them. The saving grace here is that a wide variety of colors for these cars gives the buyers lots of choices on the front end. Sooner or later, they will all find homes. I have enough Cadillacs now to merit three categories for them which makes it easier for you to sort through.

I am trying to streamline my older inventory as best I can. I discovered that I had several early 1990's Ford pickups that I did not know I had. I gathered them together so I could know what I had. One more of these is yet to be put up. That will happen today or tomorrow. 

As always, thanks to you all for keeping up with the ebb and flow of promos here.   ~cy

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