PROMO NOTES...1951 Henry J Variations

There were at least three basic variations of the Kaiser-Frazer 1951 Henry J made by Banthrico. 1..Spring motor version. 2..Coaster version. 3..Bank version with coin slot/door underneath.

Banthrico tooling was sold or leased to Lincoln Line which produced two variations (maybe more). 1..Sedan model with no clear or metal windows. 2..Local sportsman racing car with sponsor decals and number.

There are variations of the basic variations which I'm not getting into in this article. 

What prompted me to write this now? I just sold a reproduced box for the Henry J. In two or more places the box  touts the spring motor offered in one version. Then on most visible panels of the box I just sold there are rubber stamped words "COASTER."  I suppose there might have been a few surprised buyers of this one. 

Often we see historical paperwork of promo order forms etc. This is a good way to learn what was offered, but there is a caveat here. Sometimes order forms show models that never made production and sometimes they show items that existed that never made the initial order form.  I have seen only one Henry J order form and it was exclusively for the bank version.

If you have an auto dealer order form, let me know what it suggests was offered in 1951. Thanks. ~CY

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