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I have decided to retire Clarence Young Autohobby (URL effective 04/20/2020.

The first promo I ever received was in 1952 before I began first grade. Little did I know that it would become a life-long passion. In 1957 I purchased a case of 1957 Ford station wagons--one to keep and the rest to retail at my parents' gift shop.  In 1986 I began this promo business as a vendor at shows. In 1996 I began the process of setting up a website for retailing promos. In 2020 I am ending the retail aspect of this business. 

My business stock and my personal collection will be sold at "the big auction/s" with forthcoming announcements made on this website. No more items will be sold until the "big auction/s."

I am 73 and my health is good. I want more time to spend with grandkids. I still roller skate, dance, and suspect I can still learn to ride my unicycle (no juggling). It will be fun teaching my grandkids to do these things and I want them to remember Papaw.

Many thanks to the bunches of people with whom I have traded for the past many decades.

The photo shown was taken at Mardis Gras 2020 Asheville, NC--getting it down!

~Clarence Young


For Sale: I have a beautiful 2006 Mazda RX8 rotary engine suicide-rear-doors sports coupe with 6-speed automatic transmission. This car has just turned 50,000 miles. I bought it from the original owner and it has tires with 2000 miles on them--Pirelli Cinturato P7's costing $700 with new pressure sensors included. As far as I know everything works on this car as when new. You can own it for $4750. I will drive it to any destination in 48 states for 95 cents per mile. Upon delivery I will expect a free ride to a nearby auto rental agency for my return trip. 828-768-5243


Regarding Auction Part 1: The exact dates are not yet available but the likely dates are September 19th or September 26th with