Clarence Young Autohobby is in a process of downsizing. 

Some items from my personal collection have been sold at auction. Autohobby Heritage items have been sold at auction as well. Lots of kits and promos and miscellaneous remain. 

                             Auction #4 is NOW IN PROGRESS. You have plenty of time to figure out your strategy!

      Here is how it works

        Timed Auction

                              Pre-bidding begins........Jun 24, 2022 at 6 PM EDT     

The auction begins with Lot #4           

                                The auction begins closing........Jul 9, 2022 at 10 AM EDT.    

If you are unfamiliar with a timed auction, go to the website and become familiar with the layout and process. I suggest that you do some pre-bidding to get comfortable with the process. Pre-bids are actual bids. Visit the auction often to study photos and check to see if you have any bidders vying for the same item. Don't pre-bid if you don't mean it. There is no auctioneer. It is simple and computerized. It is possible on July 9 that several lots could be running at the same time. If your items are close together, I suggest that you put in your highest bid for trailing items. The computer will bid competitively for you up to your highest bid. 

Clarence took 1182 photos so that you have a good idea of what you are buying and he wrote over 9000 words of descriptions. There are over 200 model cars in this auction and other promotional items as well.    


Downsizing collection and business inventory

Affordable 1/32nd and 1/43rd scale cars

Lots of sealed kits issued in the 1980-90’s

Various diecast cars from the 1990's

Promos and kits for restoration--most too good for just parts

Empty promo boxes 

Dealer promo kits not assembled

Professionally built kits

Large Pontiac showroom window posters and larger banners

Pontiac showroom placards and metal frames

200 car models in this auction

Plus various dealer showroom items throughout the auction

Thirteen 1957 Chevrolet professionally built kits, all in different factory correct colors will be sold in this auction 

Important: This auction is online only and will be hosted on one site only and that is the web address shown above. 

The span of this auction begins June 24 at 6pm and the closing begins on July 9, 2022 , 10AM.  

In my blood is the enthusiasm for cars and anything about them. As the downsizing continues, I will continue to be in the hobby. 

Personal History:  The first promo I ever received was in 1952 before I began first grade. Little did I know that it would become a life-long passion. In 1957 I purchased a case of 1957 Ford station wagons--one to keep and the rest to retail at my parent's gift shop.  In 1986 I began this promo business as a vendor at shows. In 1996 I began the process of setting up a website for retailing promos.

Many thanks to all the people with whom I have traded for the past many decades. ~Clarence Young

Thanks for all the business and friendliness over the years.

The first photo ever used on this website.

Stock# 904...1990 Ford Taurus SHO 4-Door Sedan



Stock# 904...1990 Ford Taurus SHO 4-door sedan / White/ plastic/  dealer car made by ERTL/ includes original box/ 1:25th  scale/ no opening features/ never circulated car/ still modern looking sports sedan...