Stock# 30FB12PS...1930-37 Fisher Body Craftsman's Guild Coach (Building Instructions) with free shipping US.

Stock# 30FB12PS...Sometime in 1930 General Motors, Division Fisher Body Corporation, began a campaign to find automotive styling designers and engineers. They came up with a youth-oriented contest called the Fisher Body Craftsman's Guild. For the first decade of this program there was a model building contest based upon a themed vehicle--the Fisher Body logo coach used by GM for several decades. The GM Fisher logo coach was a combination of Napoleon' coronation coach and his marital coach when he married Marie Louise of Austria. In the early 1930's the contest required the contestants to build everything from scratch. This might have been too daunting and thus limited entries. Later on in the 30's some of more intricate parts were supplied by GM to the contestants. Stock# 30FB12PS...The package being offered here consists of four items. 1...Mailing envelope is attic dusty and somewhat tattered on the edges. Cancelled stamp indicates a mailing between 1930 and 1937. 2...Graphic schematic folding page shows all the details to be constructed/ 23 by 33 inches/ very nice condition and good subject for framing. This item suggests that it might be among the earliest mailings (around 1931) as it makes no reference to additional parts. 3...A colorful rendition of front and rear views of the coach/ 19.5 by 11 inches/ considerable foxing but in presentable condition. 4...A colorful rendition of the side view of the coach/ 19.5 by 11 inches/ modest foxing in one area but in presentable condition. This historical item (4 pieces) is being offered for a modest price and should be a nice addition to most any comprehensive General Motors collection...$29.95...with FREE SHIPPING. Click on PICTURE for more views. Click on INFORMATION BUTTON below for further details. NOTE: You are buying the building instructions.

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